He’s weak. I can take advantage of that.

One of my major semester papers is on Iran. I’ve decided that the only part of Iranian history I find remotely interesting is the hostage crisis. Mostly because the Republican in me rejoices when she sees examples of Presidents who were far more inept than George Bush and far less hated for it.

(Like I know. I wasn’t born until six years after the hostages were freed.)

Well, that and the part where I realized that I’d read the memoirs of the Shah’s wife and DIDN’T REALIZE IT. Yes. I am so stupid that I’ve studied her husband in three different classes and I didn’t put it together with that night I couldn’t sleep and read this book about an angry royal Iranian with delusions of grandeur at four o’clock in the morning.


So. I’m going to write about the hostage crisis.

Problem. I told my professor I’m writing about the revolution and the switch from autocracy to theocracy and it’s impact on the modern Middle East.

Solution. He’s probably in a Tylenol with codeine haze and I’ll be able to manipulate this. I don’t know what you’re talking about, sir, you e-mailed me and told me it was totally okay for me to write about the US involvement in Iranian politics.


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