I’m never teaching night classes. I may be scheduled to. But there will be no teaching going on.

I don’t work well in the evenings. I went to school all day today, and I had a ton of stuff to do. Of course, because I was at school all day, I got a fraction of it finished. Then I had to go to a lecture by my thesis advisor because I felt badly about ignoring him for the last few months (John Paul II and Poland- very good) and just got home and yeah, I’m tired and hungry and like hell I’m writing three pages about Hadassah/Zionism/the Nicene Creed.

In other news, Katie and I get to go to do research at the Small Jewish Towns Fake Society and yeah…I’m pretty sure it’s just going to be this guy’s basement, and that bothers me a little bit.

Ugh. I’m going to bed.


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