I’m really more of a synoptic girl.

Godspell was on tonight, and wow, I never tired of watching that movie and attempting to understand it. I think I wrote about this once and said that it was like taking acid and going to Good Friday services, but without any of the bad side effects like taking acid and going to Good Friday services.


There are crazy costumes and hippies and John the Baptist is also Judas and there’s that one “come here Jesus, I’ve got something to show you” line that skeeves me out and musical numbers interspersed with lines from the Passion and it’s like a canonical train wreck that I just can’t stop watching.

My only problem is that I cannot take Victor Garber seriously as Jesus because I’m a baby of the nineties and know him as That I’m Sorry I Couldn’t Build You A Better Ship Young Rose Guy From Titanic and Jennifer Garner’s dad from Alias.

You did not die for my sins, Spy Daddy.

Oh, and the Dixie cups at the Last Supper. I prefer to keep paper cups far away from my Real Presence, thank you very much.

Other than that, it’s fantastic.

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