Have a good Holy Day of Obligation!

While I was sitting in a Jewish archive researching this semester, I was eavesdropping on the office. It was a Friday, and the person in the office (not surprising, considering it was a Jewish archive) was obviously Jewish. She mentioned what was probably a service, and then concluded by saying, “Have a good shabbos!” The girl I was researching with (another Catholic) and I were all, aww, how cute! Catholics don’t do that. You don’t call you friends on Sunday morning and go, “have a good Mass!” But anyway, I figured that the only place it could work was on a holy day. So I hope everybody had a good Immaculate Conception.

Which is not Christ’s conception, but Mary’s. It’s elitist and annoying but it really bugs me when people mix those up.

So. There.

I’m not in Galena anymore, which is troubling. More so because this means I have to, like, get to school and stuff in the Worstest Blizzard Ever OMG that’s apparently coming…now! Look at that. By the time I got to my car after Mass there was an inch on the ground. Hmmm. Yeah. So…I think tomorrow is going to be a snow day. Because I only have one class, and it’s not terribly important, and you know what? Grafton is frickin’ far away from the East Side, y’all.

Now. Maybe UWM will agree with me and life will be much happier.


One thought on “Have a good Holy Day of Obligation!

  1. thank you we did have a nice Holy Day and we went to Mass Monday night before the lovely weather took a nasty turn….that made it an even nicer Holy Day 🙂

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