Not a snow…oh wait! There *is* a snow day!

I literally had started typing this when my Facebook exploded with ZOMG SNOW DAY!!!1!!. So I had to retype it. Whatever. I don’t have to drive an hour in the snow!

I hate having afternoon classes. When they come at the end of a day filled with classes, that’s fine. I mean, I still crash around 3:30, which is not terribly surprising because I’ve been awake for about eleven hours at the point. (Except yesterday. Yesterday was the best 3:30-4:45 I think I’ve EVER HAD. I could get married at 4:00 and I’d still be like, honey, this is awesome, but there was this one Jewish Studies class…) But when they’re just alone in the afternoon? Not cool. Because I feel like I should spend all day on campus because I’m really a morning person but then I don’t want to and it’s just not a good idea. Bad idea. Next semester? That’s not happening.

However, there is one very huge benefit to having a 2:00 class. When UWM pussy-foots around for the better part of the morning about closing campus, you will still be at home when they wake up and realize HEY WE’RE A COMMUTER SCHOOL. Which means like 24,000 of our 26,000 students have to DRIVE HERE. From FAR AWAY. And NOTHING WE HAVE TO SAY ABOUT ITALIAN RENAISSANCE LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE IS WORTH THAT.

(I’m sorry. It’s not Dr. Hubbard’s fault that there was snow and I live far away.)

So. There’s that.

And now I have bunches more hours to accomplish everything I was supposed to do this morning. And didn’t. Because Facebook was more interesting.

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