Whatever, I’ll take it.

Hah! So remember when I was whining? Which time, you ask. Well, good point. About finals. Still going to need more, you say. Again, true. About my having to take two finals on Tuesday a mere number of hours before Christmas?

Of course. That time.

Well, I was at on of my myriad of finals with this professor yesteray and when I turned in my blue book he was all, “Oh! Kathleen, yeah, your grade for [Tuesday’s final] is going to be an A. You’re exempt from taking it.” Um. Okay. That makes no sense.

But it does mean that I get to take the online exam in the morning, and then bake cookies and otherwise be irresponsible on Tuesday! Because I don’t, like, work or anything. That would be crazy.

It also means that after my 12:30 final today in the class that I REALLY DON’T WANT TO TAKE is my last real you-can’t-look-at-the-notes-open-on-your-lap final. Like, ugh, the Holocaust? Bummer. And Zionism- I am SO OVER Zionism. Like, for reals. I want to the multiple choice to be “Who was Theodor Herzl?” and the essay to be, “Talk about the formation of Israel that you learned in a lecture that was ten times as good as any I was able to give you this semester, even when I did that weird little, “Ha! We won.” laugh that one time.”

Okay. I don’t think she’s going to phrase it like that.

It would be awesome though.


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