We had the teaching Mass in confirmation tonight, and afterwards the teenagers were asked to fill out a form talking about their favorite parts, what they learned, what they’d change, etc.

(About the session. Not the Mass. That one is generally not open for 11th grade discussion.)

I was going through my group’s papers at the end, and there seemed to be a theme. A good 80% of them wrote about the same thing for the most important part of the session. It wasn’t about the presence of scripture in the liturgy, it wasn’t about when you could wear pink…I’m sorry…”rose“, it wasn’t even that the pause after the “let us pray” is to actually, well, pray, which I didn’t even know.

No. It was that vestments? Are really expensive.

Real presence of Christ in the Eucharist- meh, we’ve got it. That you can drop $1,500 on a chasuble? THAT is interesting.

Maybe it’s a good thing they didn’t distribute Communion.


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