What would your superpower be? Flying would be pretty cool. Being invisible would allow me to take my Facebook stalking to the next (illegal) level. But I think the power I would definitely like to have is the ability to cry and be pretty at the same time.

I’m not saying I’m pretty. But most of the time I look pretty normal. Until I feel slightly choked up and then my skin turns weird colors and for some reason my lips get bigger and whatever, it’s just unattractive. If I had possessed that power this afternoon I would still have been crumbled in a ball on my mom’s bedroom floor having the meltdown that I’ve joked about having for weeks on a crying jag about financial aid and eighth grade graduation and yeah, I don’t even know.

But at least I would have been pretty while doing it.

(NO! I wasn’t turned down by anyone. That would imply that I KNEW ANYTHING YET.)

So. There’s that. And that sucked.

I was going to attempt to liveblog or at least Twitter the Golden Globes. But…I’ve kind of hated everyone who has won so far. So my tweets would have been limited to the following:

@mi_morena: HFPA, you turn down Neil Patrick Harris, you are dead to me.

@mi_morena: Thank God Carlo Rossi makes the jug of white zinfandel.

@mi_morena: Wait. Have I had anything solid to eat today?

@mi_morena: Hmmm. A sandwich? Around noon.

@mi_morena: Ooh. This is not going to be pretty.

@mi_morena: Whatever. I’m probably not going to Europe and I’m probably not going to graduate school so I may as well be hungover, too.

That last one may have been more than 140 characters. I probably would have had to break it up ala Meghan McCain.

Oh, wait. Helen Mirren just showed up. I love her. Okay, Golden Gloes. You just slightly redeemed yourself.


2 thoughts on “Superpower

  1. You had a tough day…:( No one looks pretty when they cry – it is a fact of life – but you look prettier than other people look…it is just your Irish skin that tends to change color a little…it adds character:) Anyway, you will be accepted and I would not be at all surprised if you are also on a plane to Europe…I wish I could be in the seat next to you!!!

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