I really must do copies.

I opened my laptop this morning and it did weird things. NOT constantly connecting to Facebook hahaha, Mom, but turning weird colors and freezing and doing all sorts of other things that made me almost scream out loud in the middle of the library coffee shop.

(You think I go to the library to study? Hahaha. No. They have muffins here!)

This was distressing. Because I can’t totally afford the coffee I just bought a new computer right now and please, baby, just work until September for mommy, okay? Then my (hopeful) Grad PLUS loan will replace you! But shh! The federal government thinks I’m using it for tuition.

And…then I realized that it had the only copy of my thesis on it. Okay. My thesis is just a senior thesis, and I realize it’s only about twenty pages long right now and it’s not like losing a doctoral dissertation or something, but dammit, I do not want to write those twenty pages again. I get kind of lazy about backing it up because, ugh, so much extra work. And since I threw my flash drive in a bottle of water (don’t ask) at the end of last semester, that hasn’t exactly been an option.

I quickly began bargaining with God. Seriously, just let me e-mail it to myself and and I’ll do Your work, I promise. Little AIDS babies in Africa? I am there. With clean water. Hell, I’ll even go to South America or something, and You know how I feel about humidity.

Apparently I need to get my malaria shots, because I was able to back it up, and restart the computer, and the weird colors went away and I don’t have to rewrite my withering critique of John Cornwell’s Hitler’s Pope.

Although that was fun. I do so enjoy railing on angry ex-seminarians.

Just FYI, I’m stopping at Target on the way home. I obviously need a flash drive.


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