Valiantly representing 50% of the Center for Jewish Studies’ Gentile population.

So…it turns out I’m reading at Mass on Holy Thursday. If you check back to…oh…any Holy Thursday since I’ve started this blog, you’ll find an “omg love it so much Latin incense oh my!” entry. Because…um…Latin. And incense. I really like those two things.

(Funny story- I almost made my First Communion on Holy Thursday. Eight-year-old me, who, incidentally, was totally on board with the whole Latin and incense thing, thought that would be pretty cool. We knew the pastoral associate at the time, and she figured that we could do it. But then I chickened out and decided to do it with the rest of my class. I kind of regret that.)

Anyway. I still love it. And the first reading? Appropriately- Passover! And I cannot even tell you how thrilled the Jewish Studies major in me is!

Except I will- A LOT THAT’S HOW MUCH.

I think Katie needs to come. It’ll be a party. Well. A solemn party.


One thought on “Valiantly representing 50% of the Center for Jewish Studies’ Gentile population.

  1. Just cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am for you (and for me!!!) that you will be participating in the Holy Thursday Mass by reading the first Scripture reading!!! That Mass has always been SO very special to me (I remember embarassing myself one year by just crying as Fr. Jeff sang the Eucharistic Prayer because it was so incredibly beautiful and moving…) … with both you and John participating so much this year I know the Triduum will seem even more special than it always does…and that is probably silly, if not sinfully self-centered, of me to even think but the mother in me is being honest — it warms my heart to see the two of you up there participating in the Mass together…now, if John went to the seminary… šŸ™‚

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