I used to be a psych major.

In Psychology 101, you learn that the brain can really only store seven pieces of information in your short-term memory at at a time. I’m choosing to believe this is why I cannot remember what Origen, Hippolytus, Gregory of Nyssa, John Chrysostom, and Augustine said about the Jews. Except that it wasn’t nice.

(Side note: Try saying “Chrysostom”. It’s fun. Seriously. Say it. Isn’t it fun? I think it’s fun. But then again, I need a life.)

I’m also having serious trouble keeping my not-ritually murdered victims straight. I’m good with William of Norwich (1144), but I get very confused about Hugh of Lincoln (1255- good to know), Simon of Trent (1470-something…probably), and Andrew (-ol, -eas, -something else entirely that I’ve forgotten) of Rinn. Him I remember because his body was exhumed and carted around on his feast day and you know what? THIS is my problem with visions and miracles and stuff. Because frankly a lot of that stuff smacks of European superstition and I am neither European nor superstitious.

(Although I swear there was a ghost in the lady’s room at the King’s Arms Tavern. No. For reals. Colleen will back me up on this.)

Yeah. I don’t know where I was going with this. Except typing it helped me remember some stuff. (John Chrysostom said five things- the Jews were like diseased rats, worshipped Satan, their synagogues were brothels, killed Christ, and they were looking out for any chance to kill a Christian kid they could find.)

(But his name is fun to say.)

(And he was pretty big in the spread of Christianity in Antioch.)

(Still. You could have been a little bit nicer.)


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