Locked down.

My Facebook profile has always been pretty open. I keep my e-mail and that stuff set to only friends, and my notes. Because I say a lot of things that…well, you should probably be my friend in order to read them. Because otherwise you could really get the wrong idea.

But other than that- open. I’ve never had a stalker, and other than some random guy from Turkey who keeps friending me (Um. Ignore.), I haven’t had any problems. There’s really nothing so special about my life that I feel the need to block my wall or anything. I mean, it’s mostly my mom. And I don’t care that you see that. I also have a built-in security measure in my last name- no one can find me because they can’t spell my name.

But now. Now you may notice (although you wouldn’t, because you’re already my friend if you’re reading this, but bear with me) that things are different. I am locked down. Seriously. Other than my birthday and a thumbnail of my profile picture, if we don’t share mitochondrial DNA, you have no information on me.

Why, you ask? Do you have something very important and exciting going on?

Ha. Hahaha. No.

I did, however, receive an email from my Holocaust Theology professor announcing that there was now a Facebook page. For our class. That we could all join.

Oh. Joy.

Well. I do not want everyone in that class to know all of my business, even if it is just that my mom is proud of me for getting a TA position.

I also don’t want the professor to know that I think she’d be a lot prettier if she combed her hair.

I can see this whole damn experiment going poorly.


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