I was a journalism major.

I was! Honest! For, like, a whole two months.

(Incidentally, this was after psychology and before kinesiology.)

(I’m kidding. I’ve never been a kinesiology major.)


(I still have two months left.)

But I totally was. I pictured myself as a much prettier Woodward or Bernstein, having all sorts of secret sources and of course several Pulitzers…and then I realized that I really didn’t enjoy writing for newspapers and did not want to do it for the rest of my life in fact I didn’t know of anything I liked enough to do for the rest of my life except read a lot about things no one cares about and then shoot off my mouth about those things…and that’s how we ended up a history and Jewish Studies major!

(My college career. In a- poorly formed- sentence.)

Whoa, whoa, whoa there missy. What’s your point? you ask.

Oh. Right. I should have one of those. My point is that I could have continued in the journalism major if I could have just been responsible for writing articles like those that fill today’s Journal-Sentinal.

Honestly. It’s like the Center for Jewish Studies threw up on the newspaper.

First of all, we have a rather large tribute to Joseph Zilber, who was an integral (okay, one sentence. But I ran out of time.) part of my final essay for Jewish Wisconsin last semseter. Bonus points for mentioning both his Russian Jewish roots and B’ne Jeshurun Emanu El, which I would totally join if I weren’t so hung up on this whole Eucharist thing.

But that’s not all! There’s also a huge part of Cue (Or Food…or whatever it is they call the not-news section on Wednesdays now that the paper basically consists of a few articles about health care and a Kohl’s ad.) devoted to Passover. After going to Target yesterday and seeing the Passover plates and cake servers*, I kind of want to have a Very Catholic Passover Seder with Katie on Tuesday. Also, I didn’t realize that Ashkenazi and Sephardic traditions differed when it came to food. See? That is something that you should be mentioning in class. I could do without the partitions of Poland for the eighth time.

Oh, and then there were a couple of articles about Israeli settlements. Which I love because I am now a Middle Eastern News Whore.**

(Yes. It is a very interesting place inside my head.)

*My mom bought a Beleek cake plate that she’s planning on using for my graduation. It’s very pretty and very Irish and has lots of handpainted shamrocks on it. I’m planning on filling it with cookies made with my awesome Star of David cookie cutter.

My mom, incidentally, is still really mad about not being able to visit the Beleek factory when she was in Ireland. She refuses to believe that it was not smart for two women to wander around Northern Ireland in May of 1981. I maintain that if Longkesh prison had had a gift shop, she would have been there.

**Not like Lara Logan.

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