At the end of last semester, I had my normal freak-out. You know, a good week of omg I love this place soooo much I cannot live without it for five weeks what does the world even mean if I don’t have to be studying some implication of the British partition of the Middle East is that chocolate?

You know. Normal.

And I was terrified. Because I knew that I only had one semester left. Which meant that the freak out at the end of this semester? Would probably kill me. And I figured it was going to start early.

So I’ve been kind of waiting. Like I force myself to look at the syllabi that say “Week 11” or whatever. And I force myself to think about graduation. And…not a whole lot happens. I mean, I’m not really leaving. It would be pretty stupid to get all teary over leaving Holton Hall when I’m going to have an office there next year. Yeah, I’m sad that I’m not going to be an undergraduate anymore. And I know that the whole entire Center-For-Jewish-Studies part of my life is ending. And okay, it was really bittersweet when the university sent me an email that listed all my degree requirements and they all said “satisfied” next to them.

But things were going okay.

Until I bought vitamins.

There were 100 capsules in the (Target brand- I’m not leaving school, remember? I’m poor.) container. And then I realized that by the time I had to buy vitamins again, I wouldn’t be in college.

Now. I don’t know if you’ve ever ended up having a breakdown in the pharmacy at Target. I don’t really recommend it, but sometimes it’s apparently necessary.

(Don’t get me started on what the Ugly Betty series finale did to me. It’s just embarrassing.)


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