I’m pretty boring. I study. A lot. I have friends, but they study a lot, too. So when we go out it’s usually to a coffee shop. To study.

Yeah. It’s pretty exciting. Obsess about getting at least a 98% and you too could have this glamorous lifestyle.

But this weekend, I actually had/have things to do. I know, right? For once the fact that I work next to no hours is okay because I have something to fill those hours!

(Well, except for the no money thing. Oh well.)

I’m calling it my “dual covenant” weekend because today was all Christianity, all the time. Confirmation, different Mass because of course confirmation isn’t the Mass for the weekend that would be way too simple, and then dinner. During which we pretty much talked about…Mass. And Stemper’s gift certificates. And how a Roman collar probably would cut down your chances of being carded. Although my money is on yeah, cut down, but not remove entirely because you still look like you have yet to hit puberty.

Of course, most of those things almost got cut because confirmation was like ten times longer than I expected it to be. It was beautiful and moving and I got to distribute Communion which was wicked cool but also kind of scary because the Cathedral? Well, it’s like Mass in the Third Reich. But…really, really long. So I almost ended up having to find another Mass and cancel dinner with an text that said, “Have to reschedule. It’s not my fault, your boss likes to talk.”

But I didn’t. So that was fun.

Tomorrow will be the epic and much-photographed field trip to the Illinois Holocaust Museum with Katie. And I’m so freaking excited. Like, really excited. So. Stay tuned for that.

Oh! Also! My beautiful Vera Bradley wallet came this morning and I love it quite possibly more than I will ever love my children. I also may have told a seminarian that while it was not named yet, it was definitely a girl or possibly a gender-confused boy.

And I swear, I wasn’t drinking.

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