This is why you need mommies and daddies.*

*I’m not getting political. I swear. By “mommies” I mean “people who pay attention” and not “female.”

My dad is awesome. He’s just great. Nice, kind; a really good man. I mean this in the least creepy way possible, I hope I end up married to someone like him. The only person he loves more than the three of us is our mom, and that’s awesome too.

But. He’s a teensy bit oblivious sometimes.

I’m graduating from college on May 16th. Now, this is kind of a big deal. And by big deal I mean the biggest thing that’s happened to me thus far in life. As though the whole academic milestone thing wouldn’t be big enough because I’m a crazy person, I’ve never had a real graduation before. This is big. I’ve been talking about it for…oh…about a year.

Today it became apparent that my father had no idea when I was graduating. May? He thought? Probably? And oh, were we going to get her something?

I thought my mom was going to die. Or kill him. Or maybe one then the other.

He loves me. He loves me more than most everyone in my life. And yet May 16th? Didn’t ring a bell.

I’m trying to think of someone I know who doesn’t know when I’m graduating. Certainly not my friends. Hell, even kind-of friends know about it and have congratulated me. A guy who’s being ordained the day before, which even I will admit is way bigger and better than getting a bachelor’s in Jewish Studies, even sent me an e-mail that said, “Hey! Less than a month!”

My dad is way more into me than all those people. And still no clue. And he doesn’t have to vow obedience the day before.

Oh well. I still love him.


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