So long, farewell.

I’m leaving town tomorrow at before the crack of dawn. Don’t get all excited about coming to steal my wicked cool Johnny Depp DVD collection. You see, I have a horse.

Oh, sure, that will stop me, you say. There’s like a fence and everything.

Well, true. But when you have a horse you can’t go on vacation without an army of people moving into your house to take care of that horse.

And people who volunteer to take care of the horse out of the goodness of their own little hearts? Are hardcore, y’all. Like, they scare me.

SO now that we’re clear on that, I know, it’s very sad. But I’m not leaving you! No, no, no. I’m of course bringing my computer because I’m basically the poster girl for Generation Y and the mention of no highspeed wireless in any hotel was enough to knock them permanently off the list of possibilities. The thought of not having the internet for three weeks gives me hives.

And there’s the whole iPhone thing. That’s pretty awesome, too.

And by before the crack of dawn, I mean, well, it’s 9:08 now and I still have two discs to burn and half my stuff to pack and I’ve been told I have a bad attitude twice and OF COURSE I have a bad attitude you just said, “I was going to turn off the water you weren’t planning on showering tomorrow, were you?” No. Because I suddenly became a six-year-old again. In fact, I’m going to sleep in my clothes so that you can just strap me into my car seat and we can go.

Okay. That ended up being not a sentence. Sorry.

My point was that this is turning out to be less of “going to bed” and more of “taking a nap.”

See you all in a few hours!


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