Slight miscalculation.

So! I had planned on blogging frequently on vacation. I mean, I love my family- a lot, in fact. But surely at night after I had leisurely done my nails and updated my Facebook photos I would have time to blog about the day’s events- there could not be that much that we would need to share once we got to the hotel.

(Especially once my dad turned on the TV.)

(Which he does IMMEDIATELY.)

(Whether he has any intention of watching it.)

Um…that hasn’t happened. See, I kind of ignored three things- the way my family “vacations,” the record-breaking high temperatures, and my crappy computer that won’t connect to the Internet.

I mean, my sister and I talk about how we never took vacations- we did things. There was a trip in 1999 when we hit 13 Presidents’ homes. THIRTEEN. And now- well, it’s not midnight yet so you can totally still do Battery Park! Just be careful of, you know, the ocean. Try to walk slowly in the dark! This is wonderful. We get to experience so much, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. But it does leave you numbly collapsed on a bed eating some parfait crap you found at a grocery because it’s after ten and you haven’t eaten yet. At which point you think, “Yes, I could walk across the room and log onto the Internet but then who would eat this strawberry-flavored dessert product?”

Second, any inclination that you may have had is immediately zapped by the record high temps, heat indexes of 110 (I’m not kidding.) and humidity that refuses to be tamed by the best of Revlon’s product line. Stepping outside is akin to what I imagine French kissing Satan would be like.

(Not that I imagine that often.)

And finally, well, my computer is crappy and refuses to log on to most wireless connections.

SO. Not a lot of blogging. Except tonight. Because I am comfortably emeshed in a lovely chair in the beautiful lobby of the hotel. I love sitting in lobbies, especially when they’re pretty an we have been out in the seventh circle of hell all day long. A few years ago, my WHOLE family took a trip to D.C. We took my veteran grandfather to the WWII memorial, and quite a lot of other cool things. But one of my favorite memories was when we stayed up talking in the lobby until like 1:30 or something. We were staying at a Hyatt or a Hilton- I forget which one but it was a nice hotel with an “H” and a really nice lobby. We had a really early morning, and while I’m sure I was exhausted, I don’t remember that. I remember staying up and talking in a beautiful hotel.

So despite the fact that I have to get up freaking early so we can get this circus on the road to Middleton before our skin begins to blister in the sun, I’m sitting in the lobby. Because it’s beautiful and we only have two more nights here.


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