Is there more than one Andrews Air Force Base?

I was going to do the whole “things you shouldn’t bring on vacation that I totally dragged along the East coast” post thing that I’ve been writing in my head since I had to repack the four pairs of jeans on day two and I realized exactly how dumb I was because it was a MILLION DEGREES. But I’m not going to right now. Because I’m tired and OH SO TIRED.

Instead I’m going to tell you a story about our hotel in Washington. This is one of many hotel stories, but it does not involve bugs or armed car chases or any number of other things (Knoxville. ALL KNOXVILLE.), so it’s a little bit more fun. And in no way is this a story about my sister or blaming her or anything, it’s just OF COURSE this happened.  

So we were looking for a place to stay in Washington. My sister had been there a few years ago with her class and suggested the place they stayed- a Holiday Inn at Andrews Air Force Base.

“It’s fine! I mean, it’s a Holiday Inn, but it was clean and fairly nice,” she assured us.

Awesome. We called and booked it. We arrive (late, of course) and got lost several times and finally found the exit. Colleen kind of quietly went, “Uh…this isn’t he way the bus went.”

Whatever. I’m not crazy enough to mention that to my father, who doesn’t take kindly to backseat driving.

But lo! The exit turned out to be correct! And look! There’s a Holiday Inn! It’s…kind of a bad neighborhood. Like, there’s razor wire in the parking lot. Ookay. But whatever! It’ll be fine! No one in Colleen’s class got killed!

We pull into the parking lot and the car gets really quiet.

“Um…this isn’t the place we stayed.”

Four heads immediately whip around and look at my sister.

“No, really. I’ve never seen this place before.”

Oh, good.

But you know what? It’s a hotel. And there is a room. And honestly we’ll probably only see it for three hours anyway the way we vacation. So whatever, we went in.

(Well, first I have a teensy breakdown and threaten to take my iPhone and go home and let’s see how you get along then, everybody. What? It was a long day.)

While we’re in the elevator Colleen grins and says, “You know, after I told you to book that hotel, I started thinking back to that trip. And I kept remembering more and more of the…janky aspects of that place. I was going to tell you, but there never seemed to be the right time. So…this is probably a good thing!”

So thank you, Colleen, for finding us a lovely place to stay.


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