Free Association

Because…I don’t feel like crafting a theme today?

1.) I also don’t feel like working. For the first time. In like a month. For a few hour. I KNOW I shouldn’t complain. I just…don’t want to.

I’m leaving at the end of the summer. Everybody knows this, so I don’t feel so badly writing about it on the interwebs. But…I’m kind of thinking now I’ll leave at the end of July? Because I want to?

Problem- I’m not totally sure when I start getting paid for New Job. I know it’s monthly, but my contract starts in August so…do I get paid for August? Or just September? I mean, I budgeted September just to be safe but…wow, it would be nice if it was August.

I feel like I can’t really ask anyone, though. Because the actual payment thing is the distasteful part that they have to put in because the state of Wisconsin makes them but oh, you should totally be concerned mostly with the philosophy of history and objectivity and primary sources and not how you can go to the grocery, YOU ARE NOT AN UNDERGRADUATE ANYMORE.

Even though the first thing I said when I called my mom and told her (After I stopped crying. And she stopped crying.) was “HOLY CRAP I CAN BUY A CAR!”

ANYWAY. My point was that I’m really sick of my job and would like to not do it anymore, but the responsible person in me (She’s there. Kind of.) is slightly worried. I mean, it’s not just me. I have dependents. What would happen to Heloise the iPhone?

2.) I really don’t like mangoes.

3.) I have had mango flavored foodstuffs and liquor. I enjoy those.

4.) Mango-flavored foodstuffs and liquor taste nothing like actual mangoes.

5.) I also can’t cut a pineapple. I left the core in. In my defense,  I think this was a particularly weak core because I didn’t even notice it.

6.) I like pineapple.

7.) I have decided my next fruit salad shall be just pineapple and cantaloupe.

8.) I just recently figured out how to spell “cantaloupe”. When I googled it. For this post.

9.) I would like to go back to Williamsburg for this weekend. Because I imagine that the 4th of July is like Christmas.

I mean, probably not. The interpreters are probably all, “Oh, God. Get this red,white, and blue festooned child away from me. Can it be the fifth yet? I’m never coming back here. Every year I say ‘I’m never doing this again.’ And I always do. Damn child support. If only that whore Nancy would make it work with one of those fine specimens of masculinity she drags by all the time I’d be off the hook but nooo- oh, there’s Bob. I’ll be Bob has a bottle he’d be willing to share in that historically appropriate basket there…hello Bob!”

9a.) I don’t know why I enjoy imagining people unhappy.

But for me? I’d love it!

But I can’t go back. So instead I’m going to stay here and eat a lot and watch the musical 1776.

10.) DUDE. Has anyone else seen this?

(Okay. Only my mom reads this. And I know she’s seen it. So that was a dumb question.)




11.) I have to go now.

12.) And…I think we just figured out when to quit!


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