Hello, Mr. President.

One more vacation story! Just one! I promise!

When we were in Concord, we stayed at the Colonial Inn- built in 1726 or something, ridiculously old. Anyway, we were there for a grand total of like eight hours, because, well, we take too frickin’ long at everything.

So there’s really only one story from Concord, and until tonight I didn’t realize it was a story at all, really. Colleen and I slept on a pull-out couch in the living room of this suite area thing.  At some point during the night there’s this little squeal and she lands squarely on top of my legs.

(This hurts. A lot. Because I had previously been run off the road by my brother’s less-than-accurate wheelchairing.)


“Oh, sorry! I went to the bathroom and I thought I saw something and I tripped. Sorry.”

“Oh. Okay. Good night.”

That was the extent of our conversation. We didn’t talk about it again- it wasn’t very interesting, after all.

So this evening, we’re talking about Concord for some reason, and Colleen says,

“Oh, yeah. That’s when I landed on Kathleen’s legs. Because I was coming back from the bathroom and I saw George Washington in the corner and I freaked out and did a face dive into the bed.”

It gets really quiet, and everyone in the room looks at her.

“You what?”

“I fell onto the bed and hurt Kathleen’s legs.”

“Uh…no. The ‘George Washington in the corner’ part.”

“Oh, yeah. I saw a guy in a tri-corner hat in the corner when I got back from the bathroom. I think it was George Washington, I mean, I didn’t really ask him or anything. I told you guys this.”


“Yeah, the hotel is haunted apparently and I was a little bit freaked out. I seriously told you this!”


“Oh- I told Courtney! That’s what it was.”

So. Apparently Concord was more of an interesting time than I had realized. When Colleen said she “saw something,” I kind of thought it was a bug. Not a President.

And I would like to know what she’s on that allowed her to see full human figures in corners and then go right back to sleep.

Her response when I posed that query? “Well, you were awake then. So I figured we were okay.”

All right then.


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