La di da.

Oh, hey there. It’s been a few days. I haven’t done a whole lot. Except stress eat.

(Possibly buying a car? Have a cookie. Not buying a car because the dealer is being a douchebag? Have a cookie. Maybe buying the car in spite of the douchebag? Totally need a cookie. Tired? Hot? Annoyed? Cookie cookie cookie. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THAT’S A LARGE MONTHLY PAYMENT? BIG COOKIE. )

(Yep. Totally normal.)

(It’s genetic. I blame my mother.)

ANYWAY! My poor eating habits aren’t terribly interesting blog fodder. And I don’t want to talk about The Other Thing because I’m a little bit scared that it’s never going to work and I’m going to end up driving my parents’ cars until I’m menopausal. So! It’s been boring. And I apologize.

I mean, if they continue then it could get interesting. This could become an anti-weight-loss blog! Watch Kathleen put on twenty pounds and not fit into any of her clothes!

Except that would suck, because I can’t afford any other clothes. Because the prospective Other Thing is WICKED expensive, y’all.

(But really cute.)

I’ll try to come up with something more intersting tomorrow, I promise.

ETA: The dealer who is being totally obnoxious is not my dealer. My dealer is a wonderful person who couldn’t be a douchebag if you told him how to do it. This is a secondary dealer who refuses to work with my dealer. And is CAUSING ME MUCH STRESS.


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