Bernini never met me.

I went to Theology on Tap last night for the first time. Which is terribly surprising to me, given my propensity for all things Catholic and young adult-ish.

(I’m on a core team of a parish TO WHICH I DON’T EVEN BELONG. Top that.)

And the part that I enjoyed possibly more than the lecture? When we were talking  some pictures that have been posted and Emily said, “It’s like the Ecstasy of St. Teresa. But with your car.”

Turns out I am using that art history minor.

The talk was good and dude, I didn’t know there was going to be real food. It was lovely. But mostly it made me realize why I love lectures like these- either Theology on Tap or my young adult group or whatever. It’s very academic, but it’s very Catholic. And by studying history and religion at a state university, I spend most of  my life in a very secular place.

This isn’t necesarily a bad thing. I love the department, and I believe that they do a spectacular job of training historians in historical critical method. That’s fantastic. I love the historical critical method. But I really love when scholars can employ academic methods and still allow their faith to play a role.

Like, the Incarnation. They can say things like, “According to the Johannine tradition, it is through the Incarnation that we are saved.” Not just, “The historical Jesus of Nazareth was probably born in 4 BCE.”

I mean, that’s great, and certainly I’ve never had a professor say finish the thought with, “and you’re dumb if you believe that he was the Son of God.” In fact, I’m fairly certain that most of them actually hold beliefs similar to my own. But it’s a very different approach, and one that I really enjoy hearing occasionally. I think that’s why I enjoyed doing my thesis on my own and on the topic I chose- I was able to focus on my faith and my religion and not just my historical church, which is so often the case.

So that was pretty awesome. But, also, the St. Teresa thing.


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