In other news, my desk survived a flood.

(It’s true. I moved one of the cabinets from Grandpa’s basement into my room as a desk. It was still dusty. Despite the flood. I…don’t know either.)

Well. If you’re still reading this, you’re definitely my friend. Or…I accepted your friend request and forgot about you, in which case I hope you’re not too creepy.

See, this morning they posted me as the TA for 102 on the online schedule. My reaction was three-fold.


2.) This screenshot must be my profile picture.

3. ) Oh, shit dagnabbit.

After I made the screenshot my profile picture (Look! I’m under “instructor”!), I had a mad scramble to make sure that my profile was locked down.

Because I’m not saying that I’m interesting enough to be stalked, or that I necessarily would be, or even that there’s anything terribly embarrassing on my page. (I mean, really. I’m friends with my mom and my priest.) But I do know that the first thing I do did upon finding out who was teaching any one of my classes was search for them on Facebook and proceed to stalk them. At least once, sometimes for the whole semester, generally commensurate with how well you graded me and how hot you were.

And…as my sister said, “You’d better take those car pictures down.”

Uh. Yeah. Probably.

This whole thing reached another level of irony about ten minutes ago when I received an email from the DGS announcing that there was a Facebook page for my grad program, and we should all like it so we could get to know each other!

Oh, fantastic. You know, except for those car pictures.

1 thought on “In other news, my desk survived a flood.

  1. So, am I to understand that “Ms. Jurkiewicz’s” facebook posts will be slightly less entertaining than they may have been in the past??? Dagnabbit, I am going to miss those old posts…!!! Even though I know that you understand this perfectly well already, I feel compelled to offer my internet lecture for today: Just remember, there are 100 college kids in your classes – and I would be absolutely shocked, given those numbers and their age group, if at least (if not more than) one of them did not have the computer “skills” necessary to get through to your profile no matter what your settings are (if you think I am just being old and paranoid on this subject, all you need to do is remember the lovely little emails someone sent out in your name last week….) so every word that you say on facebook will potentially be shared with a certain percentage of your students and any pictures you post – good or bad – will potentially be printed and passed around to said creepy individuals… and, therefore, could get back to anyone at the University… please know that I do not think that you ever do or say anything that is “wrong” – but I am sure that there will be some thoughts that you would rather not share with your students and the rest of the faculty… like, possibly, your thoughts about them…or the great stories when a student says something along the lines of “I thought we fought that war with England??” Too many people forget this simple little fact…and too many jobs are lost…and too many people get placed in uncomfortable situations…so, “in summary “:) (see, I could lecture, too!!!) – before you post each word and each picture, just ask yourself two tiny questions – first, “would I be uncomfortable if that creepy guy who sits in the third row had a copy of this post/picture in his creepy dorm room” and, second, “would I be uncomfortable if this post/picture showed up and was passed around at a faculty meeting” – if you are comfy with both of those, no worries!!! The working world is a much more difficult place since the internet became a part of it — I really didn’t have to worry about the folks at Michael Best actually knowing how I felt about them – well, they probably did know, but at least they did not have written proof to pass around at a “partners’ meeting”!!! Was this too long for a comment 🙂 ??? Sorry, but you know how stongly I feel about this topic!!! Now, go have fun, Ms. Jurkiewicz – and I still want to at least HEAR the stories!!!!

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