Netflix and I are in a committed relationship.

I was never a Netflix girl. I’m a hardcore DVD person- I can’t watch stuff on the internet because I get distracted and things freeze and again with the distracted. Since the only affordable one is one-disc-at-a-time, I figured it was pretty worthless. I mean, yeah, it was cool when my sister could watch anything in the instant queue on her laptop, but I would so never be able to take advantage of that. I was a disc girl. I had no problem resisting it.

Well. Then I signed up. Because I stopped watching Mad Men last season because…well, it was on at nine o’clock and I usually couldn’t stay up until ten during the school year because I’m an old woman and YOU KNOW WHAT I DON’T NEED TO JUSTIFY MYSELF TO YOU, INTERNETS I GET UP VERY EARLY. And I desperately wanted to see it. But I didn’t really want to spend thirty dollars on the season…so I figured it would be worth it to spend ten bucks for the month.

I mean, I could totally cancel it then, right? Right. Definitely. I mean, I wasn’t going to use it that much.

Except…turns out I do! Like, there is the complete series of The Vicar of Dibley on there! I know, right? You can’t find that anywhere. Doctor Who! You know how I feel about Doctor Who! Inspector Lynley!  It’s like the BBC threw up on my laptop! Stupid comedies I didn’t want to pay for in theaters! Two preview episodes of the Pillars of the Earth miniseries!

Bookseller confession: I freaking HATED Pillars of the Earth. I know. I know. It’s a medieval drama about a guy building a cathedral. There’s a.) faux history, b.) Catholicism, and c.) art history. I’m pretty sure that if someone writes a book called “This Book Contains Every Single One of Kathleen’s Fantasies” there wouldn’t be a book that seems more like me. BUT IT MADE ME WANT TO DIE IT WAS SO BORING AND NOT INTERESTING AND GAH SO HORRIBLE. I gave away my copy. And it sold like hotcakes. For like twenty years. I was forced to lie to customers.

(That happens more often than you’d think. I’ve never read a David Baldacci book in my life. But you’d never know it the way I drool over them if you vaguely indicate interest in some crap like The DaVinci Code.)

ANYWAY. The book. HATED it. But the miniseries? With Rufus Sewell and Matthew Macfadyen? I want to eat it. With a spoon. And whipped cream.

So either I just don’t have a problem watching hot guys in medieval period pieces on my computer, or Netflix is capable of playing mind games over the internet.

Either one is plausible, really.


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