Real Housewives of Suburban Midwest

I, of course, watched the premiere of Real Housewives of D.C. tonight. Because I lack a sense of shame. Or anything else to do with my time.

I mean, yes, that time could have been spent reading or playing an instrument (if I were talented) or, hell,  meditating or something. But it wasn’t. Because that woman who crashed the White House is on this season!!!


I was expecting major drama. I mean, you take all the craziness of the whole Real Housewives formula and add politics? A. Mazing.

But I was kind of disappointed. I mean, the only real fight happened when one of the women had the GALL to suggest that George W. Bush was a decent human being in her experience and maybe Obama doesn’t walk on water.



Well. She’s clearly going to be left behind when the Obamessiah comes.

Other than that…not a whole lot happened. There was cattiness and of course people being obnoxious about their wealth, but no real craziness. (Like Jersey. Or the hour a week that I’m pretty sure God Himself watches Bravo.)

And okay, I was just in D.C., and I kind of feel like if you had taped my hotel room you could have gotten a better show.  I mean, really, guys. There was fighting. There was screaming. There was very nearly gunfire. My sister yelled at me and said something about how my uterus was inhospitable because I was such an insufferable…well, you get the idea. At one point I was crying in the middle of a grocery store in the ghetto.

Our 36 hours in D.C. lacked many things- like appropriate food, sleep, and a hotel that we knew anything about. But oh, was there DRAMA.


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