Easily amused.

I love my car. If you’ve been paying attention, you know this. There’s a whole album on Facebook. More pictures have been taken of my car than of some people’s weddings. Whatever. I’m not ashamed.

(Well. Okay. There was one comment that made me a little bit ashamed. Because I’m a capitalist.)

(And apparently not a sensitive one at that.)

(But my Torrent! So pretty!)

My favorite part is the trunk area.  I don’t know why I’m so enamored with having a hatchback. But I am.

I mean, wow, when that salesman opened it I was all, take me now.

(Well. In my head.)

(And maybe a little bit out loud.)

(There we go with the ashamed again.)

ANYWAY. It’s been a month and I still love putting stuff in there. Like, if I go to the store you can bet the bag is going in the back. Even if it’s a single bag. Hell, I even enjoyed putting flood stuff in there!

(Look how much space! You can shove all sorts of sewage-soaked memories in here!)

Lest you think this post was just rambling, I had a reason! I went grocery shopping today and I think my favorite part was getting to put more than one bag in the trunk.

I KNOW, right? As though grocery shopping could get more exciting!

I also discovered something else I love about my car.

(Again, I KNOW!!! Who knew it could get better?)

The windows. I hadn’t actually opened them so much yet. And by “so much” I mean “at all.” Well, except right before I bought it. Because while I may have been distracted by envisioning the amazing trips to Pick ‘N Save me and my trunk would be having, I’m not stupid.

I’m a hardcore air conditioning girl. I mean, if I could just stay inside for all but the month of October, I’d be all set. I bought the car and Satan proceeded to move into Wisconsin and bring his humidity, so I’ve been cranking the ac since I bought it.

But today it was relatively nice and also the inside of the car kind of smelled like something died.

(Yeah, I don’t know either. But I did find a DVD from the library that fell between the seats when I was rooting around looking for animal carcasses.)

(I live in the country, okay? It’s a valid concern.)

(Also, I owe the Grafton Public Library approximately $40.)

So I decided to open the windows and actually allow some natural air into Zita’s protected interior. And it was quite lovely and I know why people write songs about driving with wind in their hair.

(They have, haven’t they? I mean, I can’t think of one right now, but that’s a thing, right?)

Of course, then a bug flew in and I decided to go back to lusting after my hatchback.


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