They know me so well.

My big project for yesterday* was to write my syllabus. And by “write” I mean dig out old discussion syllabi from various classes I’ve taken and steal paragraphs that I like and then go to H&M and buy a dress.**

After I finished it I gave it to various family members to proofread, because I was a little bit worried that I forgot to change things and my poor history students would wonder why I was talking about how discussion was going to work for Journalism 101.

Their responses-

My mom: Oh! My baby is all grown up!

Colleen: You can’t call them disabled. I prefer “students who require accommodations.”

John: You know there’s going to be no living with her after this, right?

Eh. It’s true.

*Other than freaking out about school. That’s kind of an ongoing thing.

**It’s pretty. Don’t judge.


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