I don’t know if there’s a cable for that.

You know what I’d really like? If my mind could just hook up to my planner. That would be great. My planner is awesome. It’s organized and awesome and color-coordinated and awesome and DUDE THAT IS SO NOT LIKE MY BRAIN RIGHT NOW.

My brain is more like, “Oh, you forgot to refill that prescription don’t forget your I-9 form for Anita and you have that thing on hold at the library and you need to go to the printer on Oakland but maybe you should call first because if the book isn’t printed yet that’s really just a dumb idea seriously e-mail that guy back you need to set up that appointment oh my gosh, passport! Don’t forget your passport for the I-9 did I put that in my purse really I don’t think I did now, is this actually the final draft of your syllabus because I just thought of something else you should tell them write it down write it down in a different color so you’ll see it school starts WHEN Holy Mother of God is it a billion degrees in here?

Honestly. I created a folder in my e-mail that’s titled “DEAL WITH.” And it’s full. And my brain isn’t working fast enough or clearly enough to actually answer any of them.

Apparently accomplishing half of your To Do list before you leave the house at 7:20 is awesome! Until you crash around 4:3o and then do nothing else. FOR THE WHOLE DAY.

I think I’m calling it a night.

Oh, wait. Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion just came on. Screw that. All of a sudden I’m all raring to go.


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