Having worked retail, I have been in the uncomfortable position of actually having to labor on Labor Day. I mean, not recently. Okay, really just the once.  But that first year when I hadn’t learned how to manipulate management yet sucked.

But! I’m a grad student now! I belong to a union! I don’t have to work on legal holidays anymore!

(No, Dad, the union thing wasn’t optional. I’m still your little girl.)

So. This year I’m planning on doing the very difficult work of reading Sloane Crosley’s new book (Her first one? I was laughing so hard people on the bus were staring at me. Have you ever taken the bus? That’s saying something.) and watching some Netflix.

Have we talked about my Netflix problem yet, internets? About how I seriously need to join the 21st century and buy an actual television that’s not from before I was born? But I’m incapable of ever thinking that far in advance? So I just bought a Blu-Ray player instead? And now I can watch all the Pillars of the Earth that I want and it’s awesome except the aspect ratio is all screwed up? Yeah. That’s my Netflix problem story. It’s not very interesting. I mean, there are starving children in the world. I’m a horrible person.


The hardest I think I’m going to work is resisting buying this dress. Because I’m telling myself that I’m going to Target to “buy moisturizer”. And by “buy moisturizer”, I mean “try on that pretty dress with the chains and try to justify buying it”.

What? I belong to a union. This is MY day.


One thought on “Laboring.

  1. Stumbled upon your 2005 entry few weeks ago. And now am at your Sep 2010’s.
    Where can I find you in Facebook?
    Wanna check out that car you have..

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