Stay classy, Kentucky.

Oh, internets. I just got back from a whirlwind forty-eight hour jaunt to Kentucky to go to my cousin’s wedding.

It was amazing.

(I mean, it was painful and exhausting and a little bit nauseating because I get sick when I cross out of Milwaukee county, but mostly amazing.)

There were a few embarrassing moments, though. Like when I danced to Aerosmith with my brother (no, actually that was just fun.), or walked through the hotel lobby holding one shoe (I left the other one in the car! I swear!), or lost some part of my outfit (it fell behind the suitcase. Good. Because there was no other explanation for that one.), or danced the macarena.

But I think I’m excluded from that shame because I was a preteen in the late nineties and it was an open bar.

Surely that counts for something.

Anyhoodles. Back in the great white north. Halfway through a fourteen hour day at school.

No, I’m not writing this during my office hours. Of course not. That would be ridiculous and irresponsible.


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