Ridiculous Decisions I’ve Made Today:

1.) Logging on to WordPress and checking my blog stats.

Ouch. I didn’t know they could be a negative number.

I’ve been busy, okay?


I’m sorry, WordPress. I’ll try to do better.

2.) Wearing skinny jeans, a belt, and heeled boots while I’m bloated and disgusting and have a cold and have to walk all over the East Side.

I can’t decide which part of my body I hate the most right now.

3.) Thinking I would get anything at all done once I opened my computer.




Crazy talk. There’s Facebooking to be done.

4.) The one where I decided going to my class tonight was better than losing my job, my health insurance, and my status as a graduate student.

That was really dumb.

5.) Deciding to get work done in my office. With my office mates. Who probably would be freaked out by my elephant-like honking and disgusting mucus-spewing, thus forcing me to sneeze politely into a tissue like a lady.

6.) Not bringing tissues.

It’s impossible to sneeze politely into a paper towel.

7.) Telling Colleen I watched that West Wing episode where Santos broke the hotel bed.

Because now she texts me “Hurricane Santos” at random intervals throughout the day, completely breaking my train of thought.

8.) Not staying home to watch more West Wing episodes.

9.) Not bringing the textbook with most of my readings in it.

10.) Getting up. At all.


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