Unprecendented Laziness

I’m typing this on my iPhone. Not because I’m out and about, doing exciting things. Please. I was making plans with my sister for her birthday and realized that most of my bar experience involves the sentence, “Yeah, the priest and I had a good time there.”

And I’m not using my phone because I have something totally awesome and funny and amazing to share with you RIGHT NOW. Because I don’t.

Nope. I’m using my phone because I’m too lazy to go into the other room and get my computer. It’s, like, all the way over there. And I’m all the way over here. Wrapped in a blanket. Watching my sister watch Dog the Bounty Hunter because a.) her reactions to this show are funnier than most things I’ve seen and b.) Modern Family isn’t on for fifteen minutes.

(In other news, I’m really glad I’ve never even smoked a cigarette. Because the lighting that TLC uses is really unflattering. And when I get picked up for my inevitable ice addiction, I’d like candles or moonlight, please.)

So! iPhone it is! And since I’m going to all the trouble to basically text this entry, it must be awesome, right?

Well, obviously.

Except…I can’t write about what I want to. I WANT to write about what happened in class today, but I can’t. Because I’d really hate to be fired before I even get paid. (Friday! Whee!)

So this totally awesome story that involves a crazy fundy waving a book in my face is not going on the blog.

I think that’s been my blogging problem this semester. Well, first of all, this semester is kicking my ass. In fact, it’s the bully on the playground who knocked me down first. AND it’s the smaller but more cruel kid who then kicks me after the bully knocks me down. AND it’s the skinny kid who is pointing and laughing because he wants to be a part of the group and is painfully unaware that they will turn on him within a few days. Hell, it’s the whole frickin’ SCHOOL SYSTEM that allows this twisted survival of the fittest scenario to play out- *ahem*

There’s that. But I also can’t write about the funny stuff that happens! I go to school. I teach. I go to bed. Sometimes I nap. If I’m lucky. The priest is a little busy trying to figure out how to be a priest, so my social calendar is pretty empty. I quit the job I used to write about. I mean, nothing gives you blog material like retail.

Except attempting to get college freshmen to understand the political complexities of the Habsburg dynasty.



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