I got paid today for the first time.

Well. That’s not true. I’ve gotten paid every two weeks since I was in high school.

But that was just from Borders. This was the first time from the university!

Okay. That’s not true, either.

I was employed by the university last semester.

But this was totally the first time that it was for teaching! I ran into a friend of mine in the cafe this morning. She was dragging around a Pick n Save bag full of books about the Balkans for the class we have together and had to go teach medieval history to 20 freshmen who didn’t do the reading but it was okay! Because we got paid today! So it’s not like it’s just for personal enrichment!

(I know, right?)

I’ve been kind of freaking out about being a bad TA because…well? I’m a crazy person and there’s a deaf kid and you know what? It makes sense in my head.

But this morning? I got paid. So I’m totally supposed to be doing this job.

Honestly. If it wasn’t a security issue I’d post the screenshot where it said “Academic Staff Payroll” on my bank account.

Actually, probably not that much of a security issue. It wasn’t that much. Have at it, various and sundry criminals.


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