This is me making an effort.

Okay, graduate school. You may have taken away my free time, my anything-more-than-six-hours-a-night of sleep, my ability to dress in something other than a sweatshirt unless I have to pretend to be an adult in front of freshmen, my blissful ignorance of Bosnia (Dude! Genocide! Is bad!), my self-esteem, my rational attitude towards food, my youthful glow, and indeed my faith in humanity, but you WILL NOT TAKE AWAY MY BLOG.

Do you hear me? Yeah. Good.

We’re going to blog, dammit.

So! It’s really cold now. Like, overnight. I mean, I almost wish I had blown away on Tuesday because then I wouldn’t have had to get out of bed this morning into the cold, harsh world.

(Also. The temperature was pretty low.)

I had to scrape my car this morning. I KNOW. And by “scraped” I mean “I walked outside and my dad had already scraped my car which frankly was something I thought he’d stop doing once I stopped driving his cars but I guess not my dad is awesome you guys.”

In honor of the brand new season, I have some very important information for you. Come here. I’m about to drop some knowledge.

Skanky over-the-knee boots? Are super toasty.

Okay, you risk looking like a slut if you don’t accessorize correctly, but it doesn’t matter because it’s like wearing ANOTHER PAIR OF PANTS.
I didn’t wear mine today because I was teaching and, well, I’m planning on saving the slutty look for a day I can’t control the classroom, and frankly, I’m disappointed in myself. I  am no longer wearing any outfit that cannot incorporate the Boots of Warmth and Happiness.

I mean, yeah, I have my students’ respect. But my knees are freezing.


2 thoughts on “This is me making an effort.

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