Facebook is getting weird(er).

Facebook is generally pretty weird. I mean, it’s weird that I know about it every time a girl with whom I attended grade school has a hangover. It’s weird that my mom’s friends know that there’s nothing (including eternal damnation) that I wouldn’t do for Jon Hamm. It’s weird that I have to stop and think about who is reading everything that I post.

(Normally that doesn’t stop me from posting anything.)

(I’m just saying, I think about the awkward.)

Occasionally it veers into slightly uncomfortable territory. Like when it started suggesting I poke people. Like people to whom I’m related. Or separated from by a generation. Or, you know, sometimes absolve me of my sins.

That was not cool.

I don’t really mind- I still love Facebook. Now they’ve introduced a new feature- when you look a friend’s profile page, you have the option to “View you and *friend*.”

Hmm. I was intrigued. I happened to be on my sister’s page, and I clicked on it. The page that popped up was basically the old wall-to-wall page, except it showed pictures and events and common friends and all that crap.

The thing that was weird was that Facebook (unbeknownst to you) randomly selects basically a profile picture for a your relationship with that person.

And it’s unfailingly unattractive and absolutely ridiculous.

My relationship with one of my friends was apparently defined in 2002 when I was about six hundred pounds and wearing a really unattractive t-shirt. One of my other friend’s is a picture of me with a wine bottle…I was very confused until I realized that she gave me the bottle of wine and I tagged her in it. In the one for me and my cousin he’s helping me down a slide. I was eighteen months old.

I think my favorite was the first one I saw, though…the one for my relationship with my sister. It’s from Easter, and I think there may have been some alcohol involved because she’s smiling at the camera but her face is mashed into my armpit…I don’t know why.

When we were talking about it she said, “Yeah! Can you believe that? Does Facebook just pick the most ridiculous one they could find?”

“Umm…I think they picked the most emblematic of our relationship, actually.”

It’s true. It really is.


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