Patriotic Hangover

I love elections. I don’t care who’s running, I don’t care who wins, I barely care what country they’re for. I just LOVE elections.

Okay. That’s not entirely true. I do prefer races where it’s something important. And I discovered last night that I really like it if the people for whom I voted actually win. And I generally prefer Eastern Europe because there’s poison and stuff.

But in general- all elections are totally okay with me.

Last was exceptional. (The winning thing.) I did my normal celebratory drinky results party, and it was lovely. Except Barrett and Feingold held the frick on and so by the time Johnson finally was able to give his speech it was like eight hours past when I’m normally asleep and I’d had about $6.45 worth of a $7.99 jug of wine.

So. I’d like you all to marvel at the fact that I was up, dressed fairly decently, and in my car at 7:05 this morning. I KNOW. I was a little bit worried that I forgot my shoes or something. But I think I’m good.

I will tell you this though- my sections? SUCKED. I hit a wall around 9:00. Oh well. It’s only once every two years.


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