Post-Vatican II

Oh my gosh, you guys. You know how I love crazy fringe Catholics, right? Well, I do. Show me some guy who thinks that Jesus is making him speak in tongues and doesn’t like Sacrosanctum Concilium and I will show you one very happy girl.

So imagine my glee yesterday morning. I was at Mass, and it was a visiting priest. Old guy. Left his microphone on, hardly knows what church he’s at.  Probably going to be boring, right?


He starts his homily by talking about how he was the elected pastor of some radical experimental parish in the 1970s.

Say what?

I had exactly two thoughts. 1.) What the hell does this have to do with the ungrateful lepers? And 2.) Would it be inappropriate to whip my iPhone out RIGHT NOW because I have got to google this shit.

I mean, I know that Milwaukee was kind of crazy for awhile there. And that the years right after Vatican II bred some crazies. *cough*Andrew Greeley*cough* But an experimental parish? New rule- Real Priest has to go on vacation more often because this is just way too good.

So he’s going on and on about how they actually got pretty extreme for awhile there! Didn’t last too long! Just about ten years! But oh, those ten years! I’ve gotten less extreme in my old age…I did go to Call to Action, but I’m fairly moderate now…I recognize a lot of you from that period in my life!

Uh…okay. You know you’re in Fox Point, right?

(Wait. It gets better.)

Turns out- he DIDN’T.

My friend happened to the be the altar server. She called me as soon as she left and said, “You’ll never believe what he said when we got back to the sacristy! He said he was doing Mass for the ‘extremists’ tonight and got mixed up and did parts that he was going to do then this morning!”

Yep. Crazy ex-experimental elected pastor. Who didn’t know he was in fact saying Mass for eight conservative old people. And me.

Oh, it was awesome.

Wait. My other favorite part was when the guy prayed “that our families may be protected from extremists” during the intercessions.

I’m pretty sure I was biting my lip so hard it was bleeding.

And people say morning Mass is boring.

ETA: I did, in fact, google this whole thing. And I think I found the parent organization. And it is WEIRD. Like, REALLY WEIRD. I love it.


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