Oh my gosh, you guys. I was ALL OVER the doing things today. I finished a paper and half of another paper (the half that has to be turned in tomorrow) and balanced my checkbook and folded laundry and made roasted asparagus and redid the blog and…I’m still behind.

(Except on the spending-more-money-than-I-have thing. I’m good to go with that.)

(More skanky boots? Will be here on Thursday.)

(WHAT? Don’t judge. It’s supposed to be cold this week. And you know how I feel about skanky boots when it’s cold out.)

So. It’s going to be Monday again. And I have to turn in my preference form. And I’m totally not okay with either of those things and can it please be Christmas already for the love of God?

(Ooh! Christmas news! I’m reading on Christmas Eve, which is pretty awesome because I love Christmas Mass but even more I like watching parents who have never had their children in a church before attempt to control them. Tis the season…”

I don’t think this had a point. Except I really wanted to tell everyone that I bought more boots and made some awesome asparagus.


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