I’m not going to see Harry Potter at midnight tonight because I have to teach in the morning.

(At the time I thought I also had my observation…and I figured vacillating between crying for no reason because I cry when I get tired and oh my gosh, you guys, that member of the Black Hand just, like, shot Francis Ferdinand AND his wife and can you imagine how sad their kids must have been???, giddy laughter because I also find things hilarious that aren’t really so when I’m tired and dude, Kaiser Wilhelm had a flipper, and comments about how I don’t care that Alan Rickman is 64 and probably gay I’d…well. My mom reads this, wouldn’t get me hired again.)

(And I really like being employed.)

(Turns out I’m not being observed, but I imagine if any of those three things showed up on a student review I’d be just as unemployed.)

(So we’re staying home.)

I had veggies for dinner. And liked them.

I also had ice cream.

And I’m really upset that I can’t make myself go to Harry Potter.

So I guess we’re not all grown up, then.


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