Slightly Oblivious.

I like to give my dad grief about…well, a lot of things, I guess. (That neighing thing in the backyard comes to mind.) But also about how he sometimes misses major things that go on in our house like engagements or grandchildren or something.

(Okay. Neither of those things have happened. But I’m pretty sure I’m going to show up nine months pregnant to some Christmas and he’ll be all, “Well, I didn’t want to say anything in case she’s sensitive about her weight!”)

(Remember this?)

So last night I was explaining this situation to my parents. It’s a long, complicated situation and involves a student and weird comments and I kind of feel like I’m overreacting and thank God there are only two more weeks of discussion and NO WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT IT because that would make weirder and you know what any and all references to my anatomy by ANYONE is off-limits for the rest of the semester…


When I got to the end Dad looked up and said, “Uh…what’s the problem?”

But then again, once I explained it to him (Again. Slowly. With hand gestures.) he did immediately say, “Oh! Well I’ll do anything to make you more comfortable. I’ll come and stand in the hallway!”

So I guess it’s okay if he doesn’t always identify when I need him all by himself; I know that as soon as I tell him he’ll be there.

(Even if I’m nine months pregnant and he didn’t realize it.)


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