It’s cold and the Packers are playing.

Last night my dad got uncharacteristically sentimental and said, “I really hope you don’t stop blogging. I love reading your posts!” Aww! I mean, I get that it’s kind of sad that I’m writing for…my dad. But that’s okay! I’m all right with being sad!

I’ve kind of failed lately, though. I apologize. I mean, really. This is just embarrassing. 2008 I was all about the blogging- EVERY SINGLE DAY. Okay. A lot of them were cat pictures. BUT STILL. 2009- totally rocked it. Fewer cat pictures, even. More paint-fueled rants. BUT STILL. 2010…grad school happened. And…that’s that.

Because I’m tired and cranky and hungry and too tired to eat and inferior and terrified and oddly satisfied with my life ALL THE FREAKING TIME and again the problem of this is mostly a sarcastic whiny blog where occasionally I take time out to laud the beauty of Johnny  Depp and I can’t be sarcastic and whiny about school or my job because I’d like to keep my job that happens to be at my school and well, same reasons go for the Johnny Depp thing.

(And…my dad reads this.)

So over the past few days, I’ve drafted posts about the following in my head.

– My instinctual need to purchase things when I get stressed. Did you know BareMinerals now offers the mineral veil in a COMPACT? So that if perhaps you were a busy grad student stuck on campus for days on end and maybe had sections in the late afternoon for which you had to look halfway decent you could totally touch up without dragging along your entire bathroom drawer? I KNOW.

– My slow realization that since I seem to get along very well with people everyone else in the world hates (like, seriously, let’s be besties!) maybe I’m a horrible person?

– The weather. Or the Packers. Like everyone else in Wisconsin. BUT NOT THE WAY YOU THINK. Yes, it’s cold. I’m sorry for everyone who has to go outside today. Yes, the Packers are playing a very important game on Sunday. And I really hope for all of you who care SO DAMN MUCH that they win. BUT STOP WRITING ABOUT IT AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WOULD YOU ALL CHANGE YOUR PROFILE PICTURES BACK TO YOURSELVES IT MAKES STALKING SIGNIFICANTLY MORE DIFFICULT.

(Okay. This greeted me this morning.)

(So I guess I’m going to whine a little bit.)


– How the e-mail I received announcing that my financial aid had disbursed was not, actually, a reason to screech, “OMG YAY! Let’s go to H&M!” like a fiscally irresponsible howler monkey.

– How I could, conceivably, use the totally awesome LivingSocial $20 Amazon gift card I purchased (for only $10!) to buy textbooks when, in reality, I’m using it to buy either the sixth season of CSI:NY or books that I would just really like to read.  BUT WAIT! I like to read books about things that I also like writing long papers about for school! So it counts! Kind of. A little. You know what? Get off my back.

– How most of these are about my financial irresponsibility.

– My shock at opening this morning (What? I’m not back in school yet.), seeing Orlando Bloom on the cover of Star Tracks and realizing a.) Orlando Bloom is still alive, b.) He drinks coffee, apparently, c.) People still care about Orlando Bloom even eight years after Pirates of the Caribbean. Who knew?

– This conversation that I had with my sister at 9:12 this morning.

*iPhone (currently in the kitchen)  rings* *Caller ID says ‘Colleen Cell’ (currently in the bedroom upstairs)*

Kathleen: Hello?

Colleen: Hey, are you home right now?

Kathleen: Yeah, I’m in the kitchen.

Colleen: Oh. What time are you meeting Mary?

Kathleen: 11. Why?

Colleen: ‘kay. Can you bring me Starbucks?

Kathleen: At 11?

Colleen: Yeah. I was worried I would forget.

Kathleen: Okay. Go back to bed.

Colleen: ‘kay.

And I didn’t write any of them. Until right now. When I mashed them into one big post. That you probably stopped reading about ten minutes ago. YOU’RE WELCOME.


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