Bad revolutionary.

I’ve been following this Egypt thing pretty closely. And by “pretty closely” I mean “I watched forty-five minutes of CNN on the treadmill this morning.”

I’m very intrigued. I mean, I love a good revolution in the Middle East. Or rather, I love watching a good revolution in the Middle East being explained to me by British journalists (the best kind; Eileen was totally on to something). Watching it unfold from the comfort of my bedroom. In the United States. In a small town where when the planes flew overhead because the President was in town everybody freaked out.

In person I think I would be significantly less enthralled.

They were interviewing a lot of students who were studying abroad. Most were totally psyched about this and didn’t want to leave. One even said “I want to stay and watch the grand revolution unfold.”

That? Would not be me.

I’m a bad young person. I’m not revolutionary. I don’t protest things even if I disagree with them. I vote Republican for pity’s sake.

The first tweet that said “Mubarak sucks!!!1!!”? I would have been out of there so fast my parents wouldn’t have had time to get to the airport to pick me up.



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