I have to WORK here.

In an effort to consolidate my paper topics this semester and thus do the least amount of work possible…uh…I mean, really be able to delve into a subject that I find interesting (*big smile*), I’ve completely changed narrowed my independent study topic. Again. For good. Maybe. Probably. We’ll see.

(You know what, don’t judge me.)

Because I’m writing about the historiography of Vatican II (woefully and erroneously politicized and narrow- hey! There are countries outside of the US! I know, right?) for my actual class, I decided to write about the cult of personality surrounding John XXIII, Paul VI, and John Paul II* and how that changed the papacy.

And for the most part, that’s worked out pretty well. John XXIII is kind of a rockstar and you can skate over his scrupulosity with a single sentence about how he was “conventionally pious.” John Paul II…no problem at all. I mean, if I find anything I don’t want to write about I can simply turn to the other metric ton of paper that has been filled with ramblings about his life in the last few years.

(Thank you, Mr. Weigel. Apparently 1000 pages wasn’t enough.)

But Paul VI is giving me a serious headache. Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of books about him. They’re just…all about Humanae Vitae.


Paul VI did a lot! Right? I mean, loads of stuff. Surely more than talk about sex? Right?

Because I don’t care that it’s weird and repressed, I’m not writing about Humanae Vitae. For a very simple reason- there is a list of phrases that I refuse to include in any academic paper and “married love” is right up there near the top.

I mean, I’m already Profanely-Emphatic-Student-Eval Girl. I’ll never be able to look at anyone in this department again if I add Writes-About-the-Unitive Properties-of-the-Sexual-Act-Within-Marriage to my title.

Not. Happening.

So! If someone could write a book that doesn’t mention that in like the next week that would be awesome because right now my chapter on Paul VI pretty much goes, ” He finished Vatican II. He went to the UN. He died. That’s it, story over; let’s talk about Poland some more, shall we?

*Sorry JPI. I can’t get to Rome right now.


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