Spring Break ’08.

Somebody in my freshman journalism class got drunk and yelled that out a car window once. In 2007. Not during spring break. Yeah…drunk.

ANYWAY. I am on spring break! And thanks to the joys of being (marginally) employed by the same place you go to school? I DON’T HAVE TO WORK EITHER.

That’s right, kiddos. Don’t talk to me about the Indian Removal Act until March 28th. Because I DON’T FRICKIN CARE.

(Not about the Indian Removal Act. I care about that. It was horrible. Just about talking about it.)

I’ve spent the last few days soaking in the glory of not having a paper to write (immediately), and figuring out exactly how I should best utilize my time. Because I have a lot of major projects (somebody wants me to write a thesis? seriously? Like, now?) coming up and as everyone tells you, grad school is mostly about time management.

I’ve come up with the following list of things I will be accomplishing this week, in order of priority.

– Figure out what  channels I get with digital cable. Because they were out of the welcome kit when my box was installed and the website is very confusing and so is the onscreen guide because sometimes it tells me I have certain channels that I don’t because it wants me to click on them and get mad when a blue screen pops up saying, “For only $12.99 a month you can get HBO and HBO HD!” and then buy HBO and THIS IS NOT HELPFUL TIME WARNER.

This is of supreme importance and must be dealt with posthaste.

Like, as soon as I get out of my pajamas.

– Catch up on my DVR’d episodes of Law and Order: UK. Because I am fascinated by accents and I need to clear space to DVR more episodes of Law and Order: UK.

– Get some serious Netflix viewing in. Because I feel like I’ve brought home a new baby and my toddler feels like mommy doesn’t love her anymore.

It’s not true, baby. Mommy still loves you very much. It’s just…the new baby has a British accent.

– Shower.

(This is negotiable.)

– Finish the shamrock cookies from St. Patrick’s Day. Because they’re awesome.

– Finish Witness to Hope. And The End and the Beginning. And The Final Revolution. Because George Weigel needs a hobby other than writing 100o pages at a stretch.

– Screw that. Read real  books.

– Figure out how to write about Paul VI without mentioning Humanae Vitae.

(Yes, I know I wrote about that like a month and a half ago. I’ve been busy, okay?)

(Law and Order: UK doesn’t watch itself.)

– Eat more cookies.

– Figure out my idea to completely revolutionize the historiography of Vatican II and permanently alter the time-space continuum.

There you go. I think it’s going to be a good week.


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