Brilliance Courtesy of Vicks

Still spring break, blog groupies. Let’s see how we’re faring with the to-do list, shall we?

– DVR watching. Check.

Oh, what a check. I watched a documentary on polygamy. BECAUSE I COULD.

(Also, I’m fascinated by polygamy.)

– Netflix watching. Check.

Morning Glory would have been disappointing except I refuse to be disappointed by Rachel McAdams.

(Except in The Notebook. That was just insane.)

– Cookies. Check.


Witness to Hope, Final Revolution, etc. Sort-of check.

I’m 150 pages in to Witness to Hope. So…about 10% finished.

(Didn’t you hear about the polygamy thing?)

– Real books. CHECK.

So we’re doing pretty well, I think, given that it’s only Tuesday.

I’m going to go read some more…or you know, see what the fine men of Law and Order: UK are up to. In the meantime, enjoy this rambling draft that I just found on my dashboard.

I wrote it two weeks ago when I was dying of a cold (and quite possibly an overdose of cold medicine) while trying to write a paper and figure out my schedule for fall. Madness ensued.

Episcopal. THAT’s the word I was looking for.


I may have said John XXIII couldn’t talk to women. And…I need to go back and read that section of my paper again. Because…well, I think “scrupulous” may be a better term.


I could rearrange my netflix queue. That’s way more pressing than German. TOTALLY.

Wait. What book was I supposed to read?


I’m trying to figure how to say “Um, okay, I know I’m not allowed to know that you have anything to do with this process but I totally do and I really really really want to impress upon you how much I want to teach this class next semester like a lot without being creepy but seriously whatever you want, you got, donuts? I can do donuts, but you know, just casual like because you don’t technically have anything to do with it. *cough*” in a normal way.

I think maybe I’ll wait until I’m off of the cold meds before I attempt that one.


OMG I really really like this Moroccan Oil treatment on my hair. I should buy some more. Lots more. Ooh, they make a styling cream. Why do credit card numbers have to be so tiny?


Pius XII gave us the liturgical guidelines for the Triduum? I frickin LOVE the triduum. Awww. Pius. I love you.

Ah, memories.

(I dropped German, by the way. Turns out Netflix was more pressing.)


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