Post-Spring Break (’08)

(You know, just for continuity’s sake.)

So. Spring break was…eventful. If we define “events” as “cardiac” and “curled on the bathroom floor begging for death.”*

In an effort to return to productivity, I have devised a to-do list for the week(s) following spring break.

– Don’t throw up.

So far so good.

(I’m counting yesterday as part of spring break.)

– Wash hair occasionally.

Do you know how tiring it is to wash and dry your hair when you can only stand for three minutes? VERY THAT’S HOW MUCH.

– Disconnect the DVR.

Because that is way too addicting.

– Finish (okay, fine, START) all those books I wrote about reading during spring break.

– BS way through meeting about that major history-changing idea for interpreting Vatican II. Because I…kind of don’t have it yet.

Eh. We’ll work on it. How hard can altering the time-space continuum really be? Right?

– Spend some time in a convent visiting sick nuns.


So. I shall keep you informed of all progress.

(Except that first one. Because I really hate it when people talk about their own sick.)

*And not even in the way that the majority of students did that exact same thing over spring break.


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