Oh, hey. It’s April.



You guys, I just can’t  seem to get back in the swing of things. It’s not that I can’t do any work. I’ve been fairly productive and haven’t let any (major) deadlines go, but…I’m just lazy about it.

Typically I get to campus really early because I work much better in the morning. And by much better I mean I don’t work at all in the afternoon so if ANYTHING needs to get done it had better be finished by two-ish.

Lately…eh, not so much. I have a class at one? I can get there in time. Probably. I guess. They are paying me. I supposed.

(Although who knows how long that will go?)

My normal get up, work out, work, freak out about something, work some more, nap, laundry, etc. schedule just…isn’t happening. Are you kidding me? I think not.

(Turns out to be not such a bad idea. I guess if you get up later you don’t need to nap! Which gives you an extra hour in the afternoon and also a complexion free of pillow wrinkles.)

(Oh yeah. I nap in bed. It’s the only way to go.)

(Don’t judge me. I’m in grad school.)

I’m blaming the virus/food poisoning/whatever the hell it was that made me try to expectorate my internal organs last week. It’s clearly vestigial.

This weekend, though, I got nothing done. Like, nothing. I did my reading for class this afternoon…well, this afternoon. So I think I need to get back on the wagon here because I’ m guessing whatever remote chance I have of  being paid next year probably won’t be helped by a, “Wait. What time is it?” response to an incomplete grade.


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