Working break.

So academics work a 9-month year at their primary positions. Even full professors? Only paid for nine months. That doesn’t mean that they get to kick back and enjoy Netflix for the summer, though. Real academics research and write and present at conferences and prep for classes for the fall and do all sorts of other things that no one understands and/or cares about unless they too are specialists in Ancient Sanskrit or whatever.

I’m not a real academic. I’m a baby academic, but still on the nine-month schedule. No one (except possibly my mom) wants to read what I write, no one wants someone approximately 32 weeks out of undergrad to present anything except coffee at a seminar, and prepping for fall is impossible BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M TEACHING YET.

(My anxiety. Let me show you it.)

Nope, grad TA’s are supposed to spend the summer researching and writing their theses. Awesome. That’s great. I’ve spent way too much time watching Dateline on Investigation Discovery anyway.* I have a vague topic that I love, let’s get going on this bad boy.

Except…uh…how exactly…um…so, should I get some books? I’m kind of not sure…how specific do I have to be? I mean…I’m not even totally sure if I’m doing Poland or the USSR and…wow, this is way harder than it looks.

Yeah. Turns out, I have not made the great strides I had planned. I’ve ordered some books. And then ignored them while I went to movies.

So. We’ll see what the rest of June brings.



*I’m never getting married. BECAUSE HE WILL MURDER ME ON VACATION.



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