Kathleen’s Totally Awesome and Also Totally Doable Spring Break To-Do List

First of all, um, hey. I know it’s been a…month or six. Sorry. Turns out blogging is a lot easier when you have no boyfriend, no baby, and very few prior commitments. When you’re essentially a two-year-old’s social secretary who is also required to write a master’s thesis? Not so much. But since only my mommy reads this and she will always love me, I don’t think I’ve offended my readership that much.

Second, oh my gosh do I love lists. So so so unbelievably much. They make my heart happy. Like, so happy. So I’m going to do one. 

1.) Have at least sixty pages of the thesis done by Friday and ready for editing. 

This shouldn’t be that hard. I already have 20-25 (depending on how much culling I have to do) and I have a really good idea of how to proceed.

2.) Edit and make to make sense (hello, Eastern European accent that just popped into my head) the two “chapters” (and I use that term very loosely) that I already do have.

3.) Work out at least four days. 

It’s not that I’ve gained weight, but I feel better and am generally in a better mood when I work out. And it’s supposed to be gorgeous, so I can walk with the baby. Awesome.

4.) Not kill the FOCCUS couple when they inevitably allow their horror at my marriage to slip through. Or say, “I’m so sorry for your loss.”

(Okay. That was just me being snarky. They didn’t say that. Their mouths did literally fall open though.)

5.) Set up an optometrist appointment so I can get replacement glasses for the ones I kind of…lost.

6.) Read the book on which my students are writing a paper next week.

7.) Finish grading.

8.) Read the book on which I am giving a presentation next week. 

9.) Figure out the topic on which I will BS a paper this semester. 

10.) Do not nap until these things are finished.

I can totally do this. Easy peasy.